catalytic converters

Catalytic converter recycling is an integral part of Canadian Auto Cores. Over the years, we have fought to bring transparency to a business shrouded in shady grading 'shell games' and purchasing techniques.

Using transparent grading procedures, and being a forerunner in purchasing by serial numbers in Canada, we've broken away from the typical converter buying experience.

We buy all GM, Toyota/Lexus, Kia/Hyundai, Audi/Volkswagon, Mercedes, Chrysler, BMW, Mitsubishi and high grade diesel/big rig cats by serial number!

Catalytic converter value is mostly derived from the precious metals: platinum, palladium and rhodium contained in each unit. Each converter has a unique mixture of each PGM.

Gone are the days of confusion! With over 450 categories, and over 1200 serial numbers on file, our team is highly trained and specialized to grade and buy your cats.

Whether purchased by serial number based grading, or processed for direct assay, don't settle for less, give us a call to get the most for your catalytic converters.




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