What makes a good core?

To ensure your full value for cores please take note of what is accepted as a complete core.



Alternator cores cannot be damaged or broken. The housing mounting brackets/ears, and internal parts must all be with the sealed unit.

For full value, check for: seized units, severely damaged plugs, or more than 3 broken ribs in total.

Units missing the plastic cap, regulator or unsealed, heavily corroded and opened units are typically purchased for a flat scrap rate. Burnt units are not rebuild-able and will also be scrapped. 



Caliper cores cannot be severely rusted or pitted. Check your caliper cores to ensure that rust isn't flaking. Also check that all components of the caliper unit are there. This includes: sliding bracket, bleeder valve and piston.

On rear calipers the sliding bracket, bleeder valve and piston are also required along with the lever arm, spring, and cable guide arm.

Units missing components or missing brackets are typically scrap however they may be purchased at buyers discretion.


A/C Compressors

AC compressors must pump with compression.Both the pulley and clutch must turn freely and plugs must be intact.

Deductions for AC compressors include: damaged or missing plugs and cut or snipped wires.

Units with broken housings, damaged mounting brackets, severe corrosion, missing pulleys or seized units will be scrapped.



Starter cores cannot be heavily corroded and are best kept out of rain for storage. To ensure that you get full value for your starter cores, make sure that the unit is in good condition and has all applicable parts with it.

The solenoid, housing and mounting ears cannot be damaged or cracked, gears cannot be overly rusted and must turn.

Burnt units are not rebuildable cores and will be scrapped.



Gearbox cores cannot be severely rusted or damaged. Units will be checked for torqued splines, separation of input shaft, damaged or cracked housing, and that they are not seized.

Seized and damaged units are typically purchased for scrap steel.



Hydro-boosters must have the shaft and applicable parts. Sheared mounting bolts will not be accepted. Please make sure the solenoid is not damaged or missing.



Turbocharger cores must have all applicable parts with the unit. These include compressor housing, turbine housing, electronic plugs and sensors (if applicable) turbine wheel, compressor wheel and shaft.

The turbine wheel and compressor wheel must both be undamaged, and firmly in place.  Units with a lot of play in the wheel, damaged wheels, or scratched up side walls are not rebuild-able and will be issued scrap value.


steering rack

Steering rack cores must be complete and in good condition. If the body of the steering rack is severely rusted it will be scrapped. The housing of the rack and pinion must be complete and cannot be cracked, damaged or separated. Hydraulic lines to the steering rack must be complete and undamaged. All racks must be able to turn through the full range.

Units with damaged or missing tie rods will be deducted a flat rate per rod. Units missing lines, head, cracked or damaged housing, seized and heavy corrosion will be scrapped.


Power Steering Pumps

Power steering pumps must be complete and undamaged. Make sure that care is taken when the unit is handled as the plastic canisters are easily cracked and broken. It is usually best to put power steering pumps near the top of the box to avoid damage from excessive weight on the canister.

Pumps must come with their valve and fitting nut to receives 100% value.

Units with cracked or damaged reservoirs, broken or missing pipes, chipped or cracked housings may incur deductions or be scrapped if excessive. Power steering pumps with electronic sensors or plugs must also be intact.



Computer cores must be in good shape to be rebuildable. Common damage to computer cores are dented housing, missing or damaged plugs and cracked plastic receptacles. Damaged units will be scrapped at a flat rate.